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Friday 18th April 2014

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Hotels in France ( 1632 hotels )
Rhone-Alpes Hotels   Bourgogne Hotels   Auvergne Hotels   Ile de France Hotels   Pays de la Loire Hotels   Midi Pyrenees Hotels   Aquitaine Hotels   Bretagne Hotels   Languedoc Roussillon Hotels   Centre Hotels   Provence Alpes Cote d`Azur Hotels   Picardie Hotels   Franche-Comte Hotels   Lorraine Hotels   Limousin Hotels   Champagne Ardennes Hotels   Poitou-Charentes Hotels   Corse Hotels   Basse Normandie Hotels   Alsace Hotels   Outremer Hotels   Haute Normandie Hotels   Nord pas de Calais Hotels  
Hotels in Great Britain ( 2551 hotels )
England Hotels   Northern Ireland Hotels   Wales Hotels   Scotland Hotels   Isle of Man Hotels   Channel Islands Hotels  
Hotels in Spain ( 410 hotels )
Murcia Hotels   Comunidad Valenciana Hotels   Andalucia Hotels   Galicia Hotels   Castilla-Leon Hotels   Castilla-la Mancha Hotels   Cataluna Hotels   Pais Vasco Hotels   Cantabria Hotels   Asturias Hotels   Canarias Hotels   Baleares Hotels   Navarra Hotels   Aragon Hotels   Extremadura Hotels   La Rioja Hotels   Madrid Hotels  
Hotels in Netherlands ( 62 hotels )
Holland Hotels  
Hotels in Italy ( 333 hotels )
Veneto Hotels   Trentino alto adige Hotels   Toscana Hotels   Liguria Hotels   Lombardia Hotels   Emilia Romagna Hotels   Lombardy Hotels   Piemonte Hotels   Sicilia Hotels   Umbria Hotels   Abruzzo Hotels   Sardegna Hotels   Puglia Hotels   Campania Hotels   Friuli Hotels   Lazio Hotels  
Hotels in Belgium ( 43 hotels )
Bruxelles-Capitale Hotels   Wallonie Hotels   Flandre Hotels  
Hotels in Austria ( 22 hotels )
Eastern Austria Hotels   Western Austria Hotels  
Hotels in Portugal ( 47 hotels)
Lisbon Coast Hotels   Transmontana Hotels   Alentejo Hotels   Madeira Hotels   Costa Verde Hotels   Costa Prata Hotels   Algarve Hotels  
Hotels in Germany ( 186 hotels )
Hessen Hotels   Bavaria (Bayern) Hotels   Sachsen Hotels   Rheinland-Pfalz Hotels   Baden-Wurttemberg Hotels   Nordrhein-Westfalen Hotels   Niedersachsen Hotels   Frankfurt Rhine-Main Hotels   Sachsen - Anhalt Hotels   Brandenburg Hotels   Berlin Hotels   Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Hotels   Schleswig-Holstein Hotels   Thuringen Hotels   Bremerhaven Hotels   Bremen Hotels   Saarland Hotels   Hamburg Hotels  
Hotels in Hungary ( 24 hotels )
East Hungary Hotels   West Hungary Hotels  
Hotels in Greece ( 12 hotels )
Sterea Ellada and Ewoia Hotels   Makedonia Hotels   Egeo Islands Hotels  
Hotel in Finland ( 4 hotels )
Lansi- Suomen Laani Hotel   Etela-Suomen Laani Hotel  
Hotels in Ireland ( 97 hotels )
Ulster Hotels   Leinster Hotels   Munster Hotels   Connaught Hotels  

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Spanish;French En Allemagne

Other UK Hotel locations that may be of use to visitors

If part of your journey entails travel by air then you may find the following uk links helpful, as they provide a number of hotels bed & breakfasts and guesthouses close to or near by UK airports ideal for weekend breaks or business trips. Ensuring that you arrive relaxed and refreshed.

UK Airport Hotels

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